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Fantastic Friday’s Feature: Desiring God

Today’s feature is an entire ministry, and one that I hold dear to my heart. I haven’t read the title book, Desiring God by John Piper, but I have heard fantastic things about it. I have also subscribed to their blog (which is exceptional) and seen a few sermons and talks (which are also extraordinary). John Piper and those who form the ministry are men hard after truth, and their desire is to know Him and to make Him known to the ends of the earth and by whatever means possible.

One particular section of the blogging portion of their website is called They Still Speak – Hebrews 11:4 (which says, in part, “… and by it he being dead yet speaketh”). A somewhat recent post entitled “10 Steps to Stay Alive to the Beauty of God’s World” is very convicting and encouraging, and is perhaps my favorite post of all:

The sermons I have seen are unfortunately limited (though I hope to increase this number soon), but the three I have seen are very powerful. “You Will Never See Death” deals with humanity’s inherent fear of death: . “From Bloodlines to Bloodline” was given on MLK weekend of this year, and is a good sermon on racism (coming from the south, where great prejudice can still exist, I find this one especially poignant): . One of John Piper’s most famous talks given is called “Don’t Waste Your Life”; a simple, yet relevant message in a culture where it seems the ultimate goal is to retire by 55 and spend the rest of your life playing golf in Florida (this is only the first part, the rest is in the sidebar):

I also give you a link to a two hour discussion moderated by John Piper between the three main, evangelical views of eschatology. The reason I am linking this is not because I am particularly interested in you knowing a lot about what these men think about eschatology, but because it is an excellent example of how to deal with doctrinal issues in the church. These men discuss the Word in a civil manner, and it is impressive and Christ exalting in every manner:

Finally, I give you a blog post from a friend of mine, Ben Zornes. John Piper is famous for his exuberant hand motions, and perhaps this post explains where he learned it from:

I hope that John Piper’s ministry blesses you and draws you ever nearer to Christ. Have a blessed evening, my dear reader!



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