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Temporary Hiatus

Somehow, I thought this was appropriate.

Well, my dear readers, it has been fun writing over the summer. Unfortunately for you, I’m taking a temporary hiatus. Fortunately for me, I am going off to a Bible College. Thus, my posts will be more irregular as I adjust to my first semester of college and being in a new environment. As writing my thoughts down allows me to put them into concrete terms, it is likely there will be forthcoming blog posts. Unfortunately for me, I shall be busier, which means my writing may have to be put on hold. Fortunately for the both of us, however, God is with us wherever we are, and, if we are in Christ, then Christ is also in us. We are His temples; He is our prize. My prayer is that you will learn to savor and enjoy Christ for all that He has done, but more, all He is.

In the meantime, I want to leave you with a couple essays that have been very thought-provoking for me, especially of late. I hope they bless you as they have blessed me.

C.S. Lewis – “We Have No ‘Right to Happiness'”:

Jonathan Parnell – “No One is More Tolerant Than God”:

And then, another one that is a great reminder as many people head into the school year:

Jon Bloom – “Don’t Get Organized, Get Enthralled”:

Thanks for your time and God bless!



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In Memory…

Recently a good friend of mine died. He wasn’t a young man and had enjoyed a long life in the Lord, but he has had a profound impact on me. His name was Mr. Smith, a retired missionary and pastor. In life, he was generous and kind, always desirous to speak about the things of the Lord. To me and my brother he gave us some of his old volumes of spiritual classics, something I’ll forever treasure. He said he prayed for me, that I was “on his list” of people he prayed for. Going to Mr. Smith’s house, you had to expect to be there for at least an hour or two, maybe more; but to me, those were hours well spent, discussing life, the Lord and everything in between.

He inspired me to be a greater man of God, saying that “we need more spiritually minded folk like you and your brother” and always exhorting me to “preach the Word, man.” Mr. Smith lived a life devoted to the Lord and I honor him today, knowing that he is with the Lord now, rejoicing in his heavenly body. I can’t wait to meet him again someday. I shall never forget the impact his life had on mine.

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