Fantastic Friday’s Feature: Are You PluggedIn?

So it’s summer time – that time of year when movie makers in Hollywood cackle maniacally as innocent movie goers spend bright summer days in dank, dark theaters watching the popcorn fillers they put out.

Actually, I don’t suspect that happens. But it is true that the a lot of popular and anticipated films are released during this delightful season known as summer. It’s probably because they know that teenagers will be out of school, and when there’s little to do at home, they will congregate at theaters.

A common scenario for you or I might run like this:

“Hey Nik, you busy?”

“No, not really. Why?”

“Do you want to see [fill-in-the-blank] tonight?”


For me, I’m not a big movie person. I do enjoy the theater experience on occasion, but only for a few films. However I am a good sport and do enjoy hanging out with my friends, so I am willing to go with people I enjoy being with, even if it’s not a movie I am particularly excited about. My problem then becomes not necessarily the quality of the movie itself (though I do appreciate it since I am spending my money), but the content of the movie.

Cue this Friday’s feature.

Plugged In is a resource put out by Focus on the Family, and they do Christian movie reviews, looking out for any objectionable content, such as crude language, sensuality, violence, and spiritual themes. However, they also look for the Positive Content. They don’t simply rip movies apart for the fun of it. They take it piece by piece so that the viewer knows what they are getting into. Usually they don’t even tell you outright “Don’t see this movie EVER!”, unless it happens to be exceptionally terrible (they said one movie needed a surgeon general’s warning, because it might cause cancer).

In addition to movies, they do music, television, and some video games. They also write up Q + A’s for family movie times, focusing on the positive and God glorifying aspects of the good movies, and have a blog on various subjects in the culture at large. It’s a pretty impressive resource, and has saved me personally from going to see movies I would not have liked, and prepared me for the movies I did end up seeing.

So instead of innocently walking into the black hole known as your local theater, bring a light in, and be prepared.


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