Fantastic Friday’s Feature: Asking the Tough Questions

As I will be out of town this weekend, I thought I would post today, Thursday. I apologize, therefore, for the misnomer above. Today I’ll be featuring a short video from one of my personal favorite ministries and people, Eric Ludy. This is the newest of a series of short films calls “The Bravehearted Thots”, collections from preachers that hit fast and hard. Most of the scores were written by Steve Rosen, and his music can be found here:

“The Bravehearted Thots” are incredibly convicting, so count this as your warning label, like hot sauce that says “Handle with caution”! But, unlike hot sauce, they’re painful in the best way, because they push us towards Christ. I hope this video sends you running to Him, seeking His face in all things. Blessings.



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